Participant Recruitment Registry for Stroke Research | Eligibility Questionnaire | Step 1: Overview

Eligibility Questionnaire Step 1: Overview

Thank you for your interest in the Participant Recruitment Registry for Stroke Research. Please note that this website contains a questionnaire to help to see if you may meet initial eligibility requirements for research studies. If you are found to be a potential candidate for a study, you will be provided additional information on the specific research study. Completing the eligibility questionnaire is only a FIRST STEP toward determining your eligibility for a study and DOES NOT mean that you are agreeing to participate in the actual research study.

If you complete the eligibility questionnaire on this website, the UCSF study personnel may contact you to obtain additional medical information and to provide additional opportunities for you to learn more about current and future research studies.

Step 1. Overview

  1. Here we provide information on the Eligibility Questionnaire. Final determination of eligibility will take place at specific clinical sites for each study.

Step 2. Consent for the Eligibility Questionnaire

  1. You will be given the opportunity to review and print a "Consent to be Contacted for Future Research" document. In this consent, you agree to complete the Eligibility Questionnaire, be added to the Participant Recruitment Registry for Stroke Research, and be contacted about current and future research studies for stroke.

Step 3. Complete the Eligibility Questionnaire

  1. This questionnaire (located on a secure server at includes a series of questions on your medical history that will be used to determine potential eligibility for current or future stroke research studies.

Step 4. Conclusion: Follow-up with UCSF Study Personnel

  1. Once you complete this eligibility questionnaire, UCSF personnel will review your responses. If you meet the initial eligibility criteria for a current or future study, we may contact you to tell you more about the study and to conduct additional screening to help you to determine whether you may be eligible for specific studies.

We will store your responses and may use this information to contact you about future studies related to stroke.

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